Landscape design principles for residential gardens

Although garden design is a subjective field and we all have differing opinions on what constitutes a good garden, if you stick with these principles you’re certain to end up on the right track!

The law of significant enclosure

We feel enclosed when the vertical edge of an area is at least one third of the horizontal area – remember this to create a sense of “enclosure”.

Use the golden ratio

The golden ratio has been used in design throughout history – with good reason. In garden design, you’re technically using a golden rectangle for proportions, with a ratio of 1:1.6 – in other words, if you’ve got 8 feet of length to play with, you’ll want to enclose 5 feet of width.

Unsure about size? Go big!

If you’re ever faced with the decision to make a pool longer or shorter, or some steps wider or narrower, choose big every time. Nobody complains of garden features being “too big”, but plenty will remark about them being too small.

Plant large-to-small

Start off planting your trees, followed by shrubs, followed by perennials, then consider your grasses and turf. This isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it’s practical too.

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