2016 Trends in Garden Design

Wondering what’s big in garden design in 2016? Look no further; we’ve put together a list of all the hottest trends this year, so you can see what’s in, what’s out, and what all the fuss is about.

First, what’s survived? A few ‘trends’ of yesteryear look to be settling in as staples of garden design, so don’t rush to toss out your edible gardens, drought resistant plants, native greenery, or container plantings unless you’re sick of them. They’re fine for the foreseeable future.

Contrast is in for garden structures; arbors, fences, houses, anything that serves as foreground or a backdrop for your garden is game for a color changeup moving forward. Deep blues, charcoals, and other darker shades look to be making a big surge across the United States, catching up to a similar trend in Europe.

Subtlety also looks to be ‘in’ this year, with in-your-face displays of the bizarre, the unusual, the clashing gone in favor of gardens consistent of similar colors and shades accented by outside factors such as structures and other detail work.

Finally, we’re seeing a growing interest in taking indoor plantings to the next level; treating that house plant pot as an opportunity to design and fuss, rather than something to stuff a single inoffensive plant in and call a day. Terrariums, living walls, and other splashes of indoor greenery are all on the table for 2016.

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